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Letter from the ACIO, Sagar Samant

COMET II Gaining Speed

FAS IT Stakeholders,

COMET, our FAS and FAS IT acquisition strategy that includes an independent Architecture, Engineering, and Advisory (AEA) contract along with our multiple award BPA for IT support, will be expiring a year from now. As we begin planning for what the next iteration of COMET looks like, we must thoughtfully consider where we were four years ago, in terms of both business and IT, compared to where we are today, and do our best to look toward where we want to be in another five to ten years.

FAS Sets New Business Strategy

In early FY19, FAS established the Federal Marketplace (FMP) Business Strategy and kicked off multiple business transformation initiatives. Contract Lifecycle Management, Catalog Management, and MAS Consolidation served as FMP cornerstone initiatives focused on improving the User Experience (UX) of the Acquisition Workforce (AWF), Suppliers, and Buyers. Several other business transformation initiatives - Personal Property Management, GSA Fleet, Transportation Management, Global Supply, and Assisted Acquisition - were also embarking on multi-year systems’ modernizations and transformations. In parallel, FAS IT was creating a robust IT Strategy, aligned to the FAS business strategy, that would enable current and future business needs.

Formulating the Right Technical Strategy

A significant component of our technology strategy was to have an ecosystem where cloud, data, and security could converge to act as an accelerator for systems’ modernization. When we awarded the FAS Cloud Services (FCS) call order, we were just starting our journey to the cloud. FCS was being developed to create that secure, data-centric ecosystem that could better enable composable architectures driven by APIs and microservices. It was designed to serve as the modernization platform for the multiple system transformation initiatives that were getting underway. Since FY20, we have aggressively expanded the FAS Cloud service offerings creating a mature and evergreening ecosystem.


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