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Welcome to the FAS-IT Playbook

A New GSA IT Approach

The FAS-IT Playbook provides innovative, collaborative, and cost-effective IT solutions and services to support your general business needs and your adoption of cloud services.

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Sagar Samant headshot

Letter from Sagar Samant to the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS)

June 2022 will mark the two-year anniversary of the official launch of the FAS IT Playbook, the purpose of which is to provide the GSA stakeholder community with the proven patterns, processes, and enabling technical approaches required to meet its digital transformation objectives. One year before that, we awarded our COMET contracts. We have evolved and matured significantly over the past three years, but our guiding principles for FAS digital transformation have been, and continue to be, consistent. At the core, every digital transformation starts with understanding the business needs and conducting market research to analyze options for the best way to deliver modern, intuitive, responsive, secure and sustainable systems and data services to support the FAS business. Every transformation is unique, but we've developed comprehensive technical architecture, service delivery, and acquisition strategies to enable all of our modernization journeys...

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Getting Started

FAS-IT has implemented a Business Alignment approach which builds and sustains a Business and IT Partnership that has successfully aligned people, process, and technology to build and maintain a modern, IT environment. This FAS-IT Playbook outlines this Partnership.

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Cloud Ecosystem

FAS Cloud Services (FCS) is the provider for foundational services of our modernization and data ecosystem. Popular links within the Cloud Ecosystem menu include the Cloud Smart Journey and Cloud Lounge.

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Cloud Support Center

The Cloud Support Center contains a variety of resources for current and future tenants including, but not limited to: the maintenance schedule, common requests, and cloud forms & templates.

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Business and Strategic Alignment

FAS-IT architecture is tuned to meet the needs of FAS. Explore this section to learn how FAS-IT's architecture strategy approaches the ever-changing cloud. Popular links within the Architecture menu include Services and Capabilities and System Modernizations.

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Agile Delivery

FAS-IT works in an agile way to accelerate the modernization and transformation of critical application functionality at GSA. Explore this section to learn how agile helps us collectively further the FAS Strategic Priorities. Popular links include FAS Agile Framework and Jira Training.

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